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Creativity Coaching with Joy

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What is a Coach?

A coach is a motivator, guide, mentor and constant source of support and inspiration.

Sportspeople have always understood the importance of training with the right coach.

More and more people are now realising the value of working with a coach to achieve their goals, whether those goals are related to business or life.

What Is Creativity Coaching?

Creativity Coaching with Joy Aimée is a one-on-one professional partnership with you, the client, to support you in achieving your creative goals. It works because what you can't achieve alone can often be accomplished with the right help and guidance.

As a writer who is also a trained coach and teacher, Joy understands the unique challenges of sustaining - and achieving - a creative dream.

Why Should You Have a Coach?

Sometimes we give up on our dreams simply because we can?t find the support we need. In the face of society's expectations we decide that perhaps we have been mistaken about that small voice inside that insists, 'I want to write poetry' or 'I want to sing', or 'I want to create sculptures that capture the essence of light and form'.

Worse, we decide that we have to put aside our childhood dreams and 'grow up' - which, in our society, seems to mean earning enough money so we can pay a mortgage and buy the latest consumer goods.

Sometimes friends or loved ones are not the appropriate people to turn to for support in achieving our creative goals.

Joy's only agenda is to ensure that you stay motivated to achieve your heart's desire. In an atmosphere of trust and sharing, your innate creative talents are nurtured and cherished, allowing you to explore all that you came into this life to be.

How Does It Work?

Depending on where you live in the world and personal preference, coaching can be face-to-face or on the phone with email support. Sessions are weekly or fortnightly and last one hour.

Early in the coaching process, three goals and a timeframe for achieving them, is established.