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Here's what some of Joy's clients say about Write Well Write Now:

"I admire Joy's ability to help very different individuals find and nourish their own strengths in writing. Her commitment to and ability in creating a participatory learning experience is excellent, even exceptional - her guidance and support have been essential to me in finding my own path to creative writing after a long career in government service with its use of bureaucratic language."
Leena Sipila, Helenski, Finland.

"My undying thanks go to Joy for her critical, yet fair and honest views. Without her motivation, encouragement and speedy feedback I don't think I would have had the will or stamina to get the job done."
Charlotte Schubiger, Switzerland.

"I owe a great debt to Joy Aimée. It was through her that I was encouraged to pursue the dream of writing my first novel, Tears of the Maasai."
Frank Coates.

"Joy helped me to connect to my passion and allow the creative spirit within me to flourish. Her inspiration and gentle guidance motivated me to continue when I felt unworthy of the task, enabling me to successfully complete the book project upon which I had embarked."
Ken Allen, Australia.

"I really appreciate the great support and encouragement Joy gives me in our coaching sessions and the way in which she does not impose her own ideas or agenda but brings out my own style, ideas and characterization. She has the knack of asking just the right questions to encourage the story development and is meticulous about evaluating the right voice for each character as well as points of syntax and punctuation."
Monica Dennison, Sydney, Australia

"I always wanted to write but, like many others, had no idea where to start. Joy Aimée gave me the push I needed. She showed me the fundamentals of imagery, characterization, first page impact, conclusions and dialogue. Best of all, she gave some practical ideas on how to tap into your creativity. I still use her techniques and highly recommend her services."
Ber Carroll, author of Executive Affair.

"Right from the beginning Joy made me aware of negative self-talk - with each session I found my confidence growing - it was like a gate opening and the poems came flooding out. My first goal was to have a poem published in a newspaper or magazine. Halfway through our coaching term my poem "Empty Nest" appeared in print! My second goal was to win a poetry contest. A few months later I won first and second prize in the Manly Arts Festival. Both poems were read out at the ceremony opened by the Mayoress. What an amazing feeling it was!"
Chrys Smith, Australia.

"Joy has that rare quality of teaching that brought out the best in me. She empathized, sympathized, motivated and encouraged when I had writer's block and was feeling totally frustrated - with her help and encouragement I completed my autobiography, giving me an absolute sense of self-satisfaction."
Kwee Lim, Australia.

"Thank you for your encouragement in times of despair and your continued interest during the writing of two volumes of my autobiography."
Marjorie Nix - James (who started writing her autobiography at age 93 and completed it at age 95.)

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